Thursday, January 17, 2008

Excerpt 2 - How Faerie Dust is Made

Here’s the second excerpt of How Faerie Dust is Made.

Aisling eased her hold on Isibeal. The need to confess what she had learned today was overwhelming. “Mama, there is somethin’ ye should know. Conall is an ό Briain. His family is the one Breandan has been feuding with all these years.”

Isibeal sighed. “Aye, I know. Mayhap ye can end the feud.”

“Ye knew? How? Why did ye not tell me?”

“I didna wish to worry ye. I knew that Breandan and yer father afore him had been feuding with the Lord of Kilronan. I suppose now that ye know of the feud, ye should know the whole truth.” Isibeal swallowed hard and took a deep breath. “I am the faerie Conall blames for causing the feud, dearling.”

Aisling sucked in a startled breath. She couldn’t believe it. “Ye are…I dinna understand. Ye didna cast a spell on his father, did ye?”

“Nay, dearling, of course not. But Conall’s father—his name was Aengus—offered for I knew Aengus wasna my life-mate, and I told him that I couldna marry him. He wouldna cease his efforts to woo me. I tried and tried to make him understand, but I failed. When I married yer father, Aengus was verra angry. That’s when the feud began. But I give ye my word, dearling. I ne’er cast any spells on the man. Ye know I wouldna do that.”

“Aye,” Aisling nodded. “I know it, but will Conall believe it?” Realization struck her. “He doesna know that I am a Riagain. How shall I tell him that I’m the sister of his enemy?”

Isibeal lips thinned. “I think ye will find a way after ye are married. Win his
trust. Show him that ye are loyal. Give him yer love, dearling. Then it willna matter whose sister or daughter ye are.”

Aisling considered her mother’s words. “Mayhap ye are right, Mama. I dinna wish to keep secrets from him, but he is already distrustful of faeries. Once I have proven my loyalty I shall tell him. And until then, I shall pray to Danu for time enough to gain his faith afore he discovers who my family is.”

Another excerpt soon!


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