Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Mother-Daughter Time

   My daughter asked if I wanted to go to they gym with her this evening. Well, I'm not about to pass up some one-on-one time with with my 20-year-old daughter. Quality time with her is extremely rare these days. So of course, I said yes.

   If I'd had half a brain, I'd have suggested a chick-flick movie instead. Mother-daughter bonding didn't used to so much work! She's been going to the gym at least three times a week, usually more, since the first of the year. Me? I've done the stairs (four flights) at work on almost all the work days since the first of the year. I've ridden my exercise bike a few times. No comparison.

   Okay, so we stretched a little and headed over to the Stairmasters. I made it ten minutes before I bailed on her. LOL I sat next to her on the bike and tried to look like I was still exercising. But hey, ten minutes on the Stairmaster is no piece of cake, right?

   Next we moved over to the elliptical machines. The first ones she chose had a huge stride. There was no way my already wobbly legs could handle them, so we moved over to another kind. We did about ten minutes on those.

   By now I'm thinking, "I'm not dead yet, so I'm doing fairly well." My next torture session focused on my non-existent abs. Well, I thought they were non-existant, but they certainly made their presence known after only a few reps. Ouch.

   I made it through the abdominal workout without totally embarrassing myself, and my daughter said, "Okay. We're done." I sent up a prayer of thanks, but almost choked on the silent words when she added, "I don't really need to work out my arms tonight."  My reply? "Good. At least I'll be able to move some part of my body in the morning."

   It was some much needed bonding time. I enjoyed her company even if I was working my butt off. It was totally worth it.

   Hmm... I wonder if I'll still feel that way in the morning when my muscles remind me that she's half my age.

   I should take some Advil before bed.

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