Sunday, December 01, 2013

Drum Roll, Please...

Ta Daaaa!!!!

Isn't it an awesome cover? Taria Reed at The Reed Files did a wonderful job bringing Lyssa and Spencer to life. Angelina Cavanaugh and Ronen Cain are the cover models. 

Just the right length for this busy time of year, this sweet holiday romance, is a story about faith, fate, and second chances. 
Lyssa is an angel sent to earth to help humans in answer to their prayers. Spencer Hamilton is babysitting his six-month-old niece while his brother and sister-in-law are out of town. Though he is doing his best to keep the baby happy, he is failing miserably and prays for help from above. Lyssa easily meets the baby’s needs, but she soon learns that her assignment is Spencer, not the darling little girl. How on earth can she help a man who needs only one thing—a wife? Why does this incredibly handsome man make her wish she were human? And why does his kiss taste of Heaven?

Comment today by 6:00 p.m. EST, and you'll be eligible for one of two gift certificates ($10 each) from Freya's Bower, the publisher of this story and my award-winning historical western novel, The Wagonmaster.

Good luck!

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